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Efficient project management and high quality translation.

Legitem focuses on the human component,
key to ensuring your peace of mind.

23 years of experience:
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A word from the director


Linguists love words, but they can also use them sparingly. If I were to choose just one word, 23 years after the creation of Legitem, it would be reliability, which is precisely what I believe you expect from us.

If I had to choose two more words, it would be natural intelligence, from which everything stems and which is crucial to your satisfaction.

Thank you for trusting us!

Jean-Marc Sahuc,
Founding Manager


More precisely, the choice of "human-based excellence",
provides you with reassurance and peace of mind.

The most important thing for us is the quality of our human resources.

This guarantees a comprehensive quality of service: project management quality, translation quality, revision quality (final quality control).

Praise from our clients:

“Highly versatile”,

Reliable ”,

“Readily available”,

Fast delivery without sacrificing quality”,

Legitem’s translations are primarily the result of natural intelligence, from talented translators who are specialists in your field.

In extremely urgent cases we can follow an accelerated production process called post-editing* where the quality is also the result of natural intelligence. You are clearly advised of this decision at the time of the price quote.

*Post-editing is a process wherein an experienced translator improves a translation produced by a software program.

High-quality translation”,

“Faithful translation”,


“Translations carried out by legal professionals”,

Ability to translate technical, legal, and financial terms”,

“Accurate vocabulary”,

Quality work, as usual”,

More ways we provide you with peace of mind:

With Legitem, you benefit from a very attractive contractual satisfaction guarantee, the conditions of which are defined in the appendix to our price quote.

Legitem guarantees confidentiality, which is crucial to you and to us. This is first and foremost a matter of human qualities and behavior, backed up by appropriate technical measures. You can choose to have confidentiality guaranteed by contract, but confidentiality is guaranteed even in the absence of a contract.

Discrete / Confidential”,

At Legitem, excellence is also about being competitive in terms of price:

From the outset, we have aimed for excellence combined with price-competitiveness. In other words, “competitive excellence”. Our prices are competitive and stable. The excellent quality-price ratio offered by Legitem stems from the decision to focus on essential human resources and to eliminate unnecessary costs (for example, we have chosen our premises with a view to allowing our staff work from home).

Value for money”.

As we see it, the quality of human resources plays a decisive role, regardless of technical developments.

Some companies are opting for increasingly automated translation.

We have decided to take a different path.
To better meet your needs, our translations are essentially the product of Natural Intelligence.

Some companies make the choice to recruit salespeople over translators. This is not how we work. We prefer to concentrate our resources on our core business: producing quality texts that are user-friendly and ensure peace of mind.

Explore our Dictionary of Qualities:

Proficiency is something we take for granted in our areas of specialization. However, it must be built and maintained. This is why Legitem is actively involved in training the future talents in cooperation with higher education institutions.

Our translators do not translate by rote, like a robot. They know how to create, innovate, and stray from the beaten path.

Many freelance translators complain about being left to their own devices. Legitem cultivates a team spirit. The salaried and non-salaried contributors chosen by Legitem are in fact one team, used to working together for sometimes more than fifteen years.

Experience is an essential basis for reliability. Far from excluding creativity, it nourishes it and far from creating an excess of self-confidence, it favors humility, guaranteeing continuous progress.

This is our motto and our main objective. All our efforts combine to make us reliable, and our reliability is based on listening, finding the best solution, selecting human and technological resources, choosing work methods and processes and other factors which our experience helps us to determine.

Our translators are in control of their choices. It is up to them to determine, for each project, the appropriate means to ensure that the translation meets your satisfaction. The first of these means is natural intelligence.

Knowing how to listen is one of the most important human qualities, as is knowing how to adapt to your preferences, particularly in terms of terminology, and how to meet your requirements with a clear understanding.

Our translators know that words are the key to your image, your ease of use, your legal security, and your success.

We have chosen to focus on specialized translations since the creation of Legitem in 2000. We believe this is the best way to ensure proficiency.

quality approach

The bottom line

We aim to provide a comprehensive service, from first contact to the delivery of a translation that meets your expectations.

This depends on the quality of our human resources. Hence the importance of our efforts to train and retain talent.

More specifically:
our commitments to quality

Compliance with the NF EN ISO 17100 standard

Legitem undertakes to ensure that its services are carried out in accordance with best industry practices, by experienced and specialized professional translators, translating into their mother tongue, in compliance with Articles 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 of the NF EN ISO 17100 standard relating to translation services. These articles set out the rules applicable to the professional skills and qualifications of translators. Legitem undertakes to ensure that all translations are subject to quality control in accordance with Articles 5.3.2 (verification), 5.3.3 (proofreading) and 3.1.5 (professional proficiency of proofreaders) of the NF EN ISO 17100 standard for translation services, unless in the event of a clearly substantiated and contractually stipulated reason for waiving the standard.

Clients reviews

“Many thanks for your professionalism and responsiveness in handling this emergency.

Corinne T. Treasury Director.
Company in the hotel and tourist residence sector

“We are completely satisfied with the translations, both in terms of meeting the deadlines and quality of the translated documents.”

Marc P. Contract Department Manager.
Pharmaceutical company

“Thank you for the translation, we commend your high level of versatility and the speed of your service. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of your work and thank you sincerely.

Guillaume Q. EMEA Board & CEO Practice.
Business services company

“We appreciated “-[your] listening to our needs, [your] responsiveness, and [your] discretion/confidentiality.

Aurélien G. Production Assistant.
Company in the film distribution sector
“Thank you for the translation. A special thank you for this particular translation because we had a hard time finding our working version and we were not sure if we had integrated all the changes we made in the French document. So we really appreciated your taking the time to read over the French document and your adding the missing changes within the Romanian document.”
Caroline S-N. Lawyer.
Company in the film distribution sector

“We appreciated” your responsiveness and the quality of the translation.”

Christelle F. Assistant – Marketing Division.
Pharmaceutical company  

“We appreciated “the thorough analysis of the document to be translated (even correcting errors in the original document).”

Pauline R. In-house Counsel.
Company in the industrial sector

“We appreciated “the responsiveness, professionalism, availability and advice provided by the entire team.”

Emilie M. Legal and Insurance Manager.
Company in the chartering and transport organization sector
“We appreciated the “quality and accuracy.”
Clarisse C. Communication & Marketing Coordinator.
Company in the chartering and transport organization sector
“Thank you for your quick feedback and the quality of the translation.”
Nina R. Senior Director Legal & Compliance
Company in the pharmaceutical trade sector

“This is a very good translation: THANK YOU SO MUCH for handling this so quickly without sacrificing quality.”

Christophe J . Legal Director.
Company in the non-alcoholic drinks production and marketing sector

Frequently asked questions

1How can I get a quote?

Simply send us an e-mail to legitem@orange.fr.

We will acknowledge receipt within minutes during our Paris office hours (10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) and send you our best offer usually within an hour.

If you wish, a Service Level Agreement can provide for specific days, time slots and response times.

2Do you offer translations in all languages?

Yes, all of them.

3I am being asked for a "certified" translation, with "legalized signature". Can you help me understand what this means?

A certified translation (sometimes called a "sworn translation") is formally certified as true to the original by a translator registered on the list of expert, sworn translators established by a French Court of Appeal.

Jean-Marc Sahuc, founder and manager of Legitem, is an expert translator for the Court of Appeal of Agen for the English language.

In order to meet all your needs, Legitem can call on other expert translators for languages other than English or in the event that Jean-Marc Sahuc is not available.

The legalization of signatures is, in our field, the formality through which an organization such as the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), with which the signature of an expert translator has been registered, formally attests that the signature affixed to a certified translation is identical to the signature which it keeps as a reference. More generally, we can also advise you on formalities.

4What are your guarantees in terms of quality?

Our translations are the product of the natural intelligence of experienced specialists, whose work is systematically and thoroughly checked for quality as an added guarantee. In our price quotes, we undertake to comply with the NF EN ISO 17100 standard, except as warranted on substantiated grounds. In emergencies, automated post-editing of translations may be considered. In this case, too, the main focus will be on the skills of the translator carrying out the post-editing process chosen by Legitem, i.e. on natural intelligence. With some exceptions (mainly for working documents), our translations are guaranteed to be "100% human-produced". They are the expression of natural intelligence, the objective being to produce high-quality texts for you, guaranteeing ease of use, security, and peace of mind; texts that are also rewarding, for example in the field of communications and sales.

5What role does technology play in translation today?

Our translators use the latest technological tools available in our industry, such as computer-assisted translation software. However, in our areas of expertise, your satisfaction depends mainly on the translator's legal and/or financial background, experience, and talent. Nicolas Boileau's words, "what is well conceived is clearly stated", remain relevant today. Machine translation software are not capable of “conceiving” anything, which is why "we" always rely on humans, even in the very rare cases where we post-edit a first draft of a translation produced by software.

6What are your guarantees in terms of confidentiality?

In this area too, discretion, a human quality, is the best guarantee, as is strict compliance with professional secrecy. Awareness-raising activities can help to nurture this quality and ensure compliance as early as the translator training stage. Furthermore, we make specific commitments to our clients and prospective clients, in the form of confidentiality undertakings and agreements. Both our salaried and non-salaried translators themselves sign such types of documents.

Please feel free to contact us for any other question or to obtain additional information.

we are


Legitem is one of the most reputable and robust specialist translation firms on the market, with more than 20 years of experience and trusted by particularly demanding clients (currently over 300 clients).


Legitem was created in 2000 by Jean-Marc Sahuc, a lawyer and linguist, a former in-house company lawyer (DJCE Toulouse 1992), a court certified translator with the Court of Appeal of Agen since 2002, and an associate faculty member (Master 1 and 2, legal and financial translation) at the University of Paris Nanterre since 2013.


Legitem, headed by Jean-Marc Sahuc, currently has four employees, including Audrey Morel, Head of Project Management, and approximately one hundred
self-employed linguists.

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